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The works of our students
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- General work structure, approach, why you need it. Project planning
- Workflow of 3D studios
- Organizing working files and libraries to speed up your work
- Composition and artistic techniques of 3D studios, storytelling, types of representation
- References: selecting references, how to work with them
course recorded and dubbed in English
Lesson example
The course contains 64 video lessons, more than 40 hours of video
Alex Kondratiev
Corona Render
ArchViz techniques
Teaching visualization became a personal interest and professional necessity for me, as I trained my studio's employees.
I launched my first course, "The Effective Visualizer," which has been a rewarding experience seeing our students' works being featured in prominent 3D galleries worldwide.
My name is Alex Kondratiev. I'm from Ukraine, but last 6 years I have been living in Poland.
My journey in 3D visualization began as a student. Initially, I approached it as a hobby, but soon found myself working as a visualizer in an architectural studio.
A few years later, I made the move to freelance work and established my own studio,
Since then, we have produced hundreds of remarkable architectural and interior visualizations for clients globally, utilizing cutting-edge tools such as:
Igor Shumakov
I give thanks to the whole team for the course!
The content is grouped very well, you can easily get back and recall what you forgot. I'm a complete beginner in 3D, my goal is to learn a new skill and start working in a new field.
I plan to keep studying – there are so many things to learn!
Emma Agabyan
Hi!) Before studying I shared my job as an object visualizer with studying architecture. A need for switching to architectural visualization gradually arose, and with it – many questions about how to do it.
I have visualization experience, I believe I know how to model and set up materials, but I am critically short of knowledge of exterior scenes.
Oleg Kuzmin
Thanks to the whole team of teachers and mentors. The exterior course is completed. Even though I've been in the visualization field and educated myself for some years, I decided to try the courses. This course and its way of studying attracted me because even considering all busyness when there are little strength and time for studying, I still managed to complete the exterior at my pace.
Been part of course now and I fell in love with the community.
All the people are so hard-working and help each other, I have never
seen this before in any other course.
This explains why the level of Arch viz artists in this part of the word
is so high and are recognized globally.
Tsveta dimova
Svetlana Martynova
Before I joined the club, I'd been learning with free lessons or courses getting extensive but random knowledge. When I had a chance to get a visualization order at a certain point, I didn't bring this job to an end. I just didn't know what stage follows the previous one, didn't know how to set up materials, light, cameras. Now, these issues are less of a problem for me.
Fyodor Bulynenok
My name is Fyodor and I've been doing visualization for a long time but they were mostly interiors. I decided to break into exterior.
I came to the school because I saw that Alexey has the best approach and students' works (exterior).
Tatyana Sirotkina
Finally, a day came when I have a chance to write a review looking at the exterior course at a height of final renders))))
A few things about myself: I work in real estate engineering and construction.
I took interest in 3D modeling in 2017, almost all my exterior skills (v-ray) I got on the internet and practice.
You'll be
able to do
the same !
You'll be
able to do
the same !
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